Reef Logix was born as an aquarium automation project written in Visual Basic 6. The original concept was to provide aquarium monitoring and automation via a rich GUI that leveraged the raw computing power of the x86 PC platform and the stability and robustness of industrial digital I/O components. 

As time has passed the design concept, components and goals of the Reef Logix project have changed several times. The project focus has shifted from a single PC based controller to group of moduler componets, each with its own Atmel or Arm microcontroller and code, with the PC only serving one of many user interfaces to the system.

While nothing is for sale here, the code, designs and work here are copyrighted unless otherwise noted. Please ask before you use or publish any of the works here!

Current Reef Logix Platform

Currently, Reef Logix is comprised of several independent systems that can communicate with each other as needed. Each module is tasked with a specific function or related set of fucntions.

Platform Details...

Reef Logix Design Goals

The moduler design of Reef Logix allows independent modules the freedom to provide system control and reliability that does not depend on the state of the master controller or other system modules.

Design Goals...